Conveyancing - A New Approach

At Kimmitt and Roberts Conveyancing, we believe that being friendly and approachable is just as important as being competent and professional

We combine good old fashioned know how with modern and caring customer service and using the very latest in computer technology we can help make your move as smooth and as trouble free as possible

Making Your Move Smoother!

It's true, moving house can be as stressful as people say. So much to do, so little time, so many people involved, so little control. To get the whole thing "pulled together" in time is no mean feat.

It is essential that you choose the right Estate Agent and right Solicitor who must work together efficiently for you and your successful completion. Better still ... choose Kimmitt and Roberts Conveyancing to do it all.

All Under One Roof

From handling viewings on your property in the early stages of the house sale to handling over the keys to your buyer on your behalf on completion day. Kimmitt and Roberts & Kimmitt and Roberts Conveyancing can coordinate the complete process for you. As a buyer, you can be assured of straight forward advice, thoroughness and a swift transaction. We are fully accessible ... whatever you want to know, and whenever you want to know it, we are there for you.

Keeping it Local

At Kimmitt and Roberts we believe in keeping the business local. It is essential that you can get to see your conveyancer as and when you need to. Having your estate agent and conveyancer on your doorstep makes the process far less stressful

Progress Reports

An essential part of the Kimmitt and Roberts Conveyancing service is keeping you informed. In a property transaction, there is nothing worse than the sound of silence. We are committed to providing you with regular updates, as well as being accessible to you, if you need information or reassurance.

Competitive Fees

A superb legal service at a competitive fee. Your conveyancing will be carried out fixed fee to help you budget precisely.

No Move, No Fee

If your move does not proceed, no legal fee will be payable